Innovation in the McDonald’s McBites

If you are using a tablet, try the ferries and the pecks. It’s not that there has never been a question or request for a version of McDonald’s Chicken with Popcorn, but it did come, at least for a limited time. Chicken McBites, along with Chicken McNuggets and McChicken Sandwiches, are part of McFamily’s established poultry.

The Qualifying Criteria

Claims: Chicken McBites are breadcrumbs the size of a chicken breast bite, breaded and fried. They are available in three “poppable” sizes: snack (310 calories), normal (470 calories) and “divisible” if you are not the only one who bites (525 calories). They should be dipped in a McDonald’s hot sauce: honey mustard, hot mustard, barbecue, sweet and sour, buffalo, ranch, chipotle barbecue, or pepper (30-110 calories).

Prices may vary at participating facilities.

It seems logical to compare the new Chicken McBites with Chicken McNuggets, a long-standing food in the mega fast-food chain. McNuggets has obviously been tried with their “all white meat” recipe for pressed poultry.

They pack more chicken than breaded and are sweet virtual steaks compared to McBite, which you say at McNuggets says a lot or not.

I think McNuggets and McBites use the same tasteless starch dough, but at least one McNugget contains more chicken to make up for it.

Maybe McBites just introduced itself as a beginner, the “light” version of McNuggets if you want a quick and tasty fix, but the full-size McBites box is as complete as a 6-piece McNuggets.

And if you compare the calories (470 vs. 280), you’ll find that McBites has approximately 68% more calories than its predecessor due to the starchy, oily mass its chicken counterpart is loaded on.

The only thing that is really important to McBites is the deluxe box, which is equipped with a handy cutout so that the sauce doesn’t dip. (Grab that, McNuggets!) Too bad we can’t eat the box, but if we did, it would probably taste the same anyway.