Infant bleach in a bottle in McDonald’s

A jury decided that a woman gave a baby a bottle of bleach at a McDVOICE restaurant in south-east London.

The 11-month-old boy drank the liquid and vomited after the bottle was turned over to Woolwich court.

Judge Andrew Lees had previously ruled that Elaine Joyner, 53, of Deptford, could not plead, and a lawsuit would decide whether to continue the McDVOICE Survey.

It took the jury 30 minutes to bottle-feed the baby.

The process took place in Joyner’s absence.

The mentally unfit person

The boy was at the Eltham High Street restaurant with his mother and grandmother on September 13 when Joyner, unknown to the family, gave him the bottle.

He swallowed part of the content before vomiting and had to be taken to the hospital.

The jury was asked to decide whether Joyner had committed the crime and not whether he was guilty or not.

The judge told the jury: In this case, I came to the conclusion that the accused is not fit to be brought to trial.

I selected the proof from two medical specialists, one guided by the defense and the other by the prosecutor with mental illness so that he could not analyze the procedure, understand the evidence and give legal advice to his emptiness. Team.

An unrecognized person

The jury was informed that CCTV showed a woman carrying a bottle, walking down Eltham High Street and entering McDVOICE, where she handed the bottle to the boy.

The judge said that no witnesses had identified themselves at the Joyner restaurant, but that the police had released an image that was recognized by a police officer.

The baby, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, has fully recovered.

The boy’s mother said in a court order: “A random person gave my baby a bottle that he had drunk and vomited.

“In my opinion, my baby was poisoned.”

The hearing was postponed until July 8 to determine how the accused should be treated. The judge ordered Joyner to appear.