How did McDonald’s become the best?

In 2018 McDonald’s had total sales of $ 21.03 billion, according to Statista.

Over the years, McDVOICE sales have declined slightly from the 2013 peak ($ ​​28.11 billion) as the fast-food market becomes increasingly saturated.

The first international franchise company opened in British Columbia in 1967. Another opened later this year in Costa Rica.

The chain is not only widespread but has also been called the most valuable “fast food” and the largest fast-food restaurant in the world.

The McDonald brothers wanted the design of their franchise restaurants to draw attention and highlight the “Speedee Service System,” a predecessor to the Drive-Thru model and Fast Food as a whole.

Architect Stanley Meson designed a red and white exterior that the brothers liked. However, Dick McDonald found the roof very flat and added the now-famous yellow gold arches. “”

The oldest restaurant that still retains the original red and white design is in Downey, California.

The Construction

The roof no longer has golden arches. Instead, some places in modern buildings have a yellow accent.

Speedee, a chef with a head burger, appeared on the boards with the brand’s original logo made of two nested gold bows.

Many of McDVOICE signs are designed to be visible from a distance.

Ronald McDonald first appeared in an advertisement for the Washington DC restaurant in 1963. In the advertisement, Ronald McDonald pulled the hamburger from his belt and had a McDonald’s cup on his nose. His hat was a tray with a styrofoam burger, fries, and a smoothie.

McDonald’s considered swapping the Ronald McDonald’s character for a cowboy or space traveler, but these ideas were quickly rejected.

Her signature costume consisted of a red and white striped shirt, a yellow jumpsuit, and red hair.

Ronald McDonald has also become the main symbol of the Ronald McDonald House, an organization founded by McDonald’s in 1979 to provide medical care to parents of a child with cancer near the hospital.

In 2014, McDVOICE announced that the brand would review Ronald’s appearance. He was now wearing a red and white striped rugby shirt, yellow cargo pants, and a vest or jacket instead of the signature jumpsuit.

Despite the fact that Ronald McDonald appears less frequently in McDonald’s advertising today, the chain has yet to officially remove the character.