Hospital workers to be given free meals by McDonald’s

Hospital staff may use additional help at this time.

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, many hospital workers work long and difficult shifts. A Florida McDonald’s franchisee is doing its best to help them. Costa Enterprises owns several McDonald’s in Bay County, Florida, and by March 31, these locations will offer free combo meals to hospital staff, WMBB reports. The offer is available to any employee who can present valid identification.

Rapid progress

In a press release, Costa Enterprises said the promotion was “an honor and special thanks to all the men and women who have dedicated their lives to jobs in their medical careers to help those affected.” Global Pandemic If you work in the health care industry, just show us your valid ID and we will offer you a FREE Combo Meal! Nationwide, McDonald’s closed dining rooms at all locations and urged all franchisees to do so. For shipping or delivery.

In a statement to Fox News, McDonald’s announced that fans will have a chance to win a free McMuffin egg on Monday.

As per the reports of the McDonald’s, We invite and encourage fans to celebrate with us by receiving a free freshly made McMuffin egg from McDonald’s participants all over the country. Customers only need to download our mobile app to get this deal between 6 AM to PM. To benefit in the morning. ” 10:30 a.m., local time, Monday, March 2. It is worth getting up.McDonald’s also has been serving some delicious sandwiches.

The legendary McMuffin egg was made in early 1971 at the McDonald’s restaurant in Santa Barbara, California. What started out as an attempt to make eggs Benedict has become a legendary breakfast icon: Egg McMuffin We are proud to have the Egg McMuffin legacy with the McMuffin almost 50 years later. Recognizing National Egg Day “Upon arriving on eBay for Tuesday’s charity auction, super fans can try to win the $ 90,000 Shamrock Shake Cup, in 18-carat gold and adorned with 50 green emeralds and white diamonds for 50 years of Shake Shamrock, the sparkling mug also features 50 yellow diamonds on the Golden Arches logo to showcase your successful years at McDonald’s.