Evolution of the McDonald’s

What was life like before the words “Big Mac” or “Supersize”?

McDonald’s, the world’s largest fast-food chain, has been in existence for more than 60 years. A lot has changed in McDonald’s during this time.

What started as a small grill for 15 cents has grown into a global empire that generates billions of dollars each year. From packaging to the menu, everything has evolved over the years, and the differences between McDVOICE restaurants years ago and today may surprise you.

This is how McDVOICE has changed since its inception in the 1940s.

The small restaurant, which opened in 1940, had a very simple menu, just burgers, fries, and drinks like “Triple Thick Milkshakes” so the brothers could focus on quality.

In 1948, the McDonald brothers cut the cost of their burgers to just 15 cents, about half the price of local competitors. Due to the self-service counter, no waiter or waitress was required. The burgers were pre-cooked, wrapped in paper, and kept warm under a heat lamp, which meant customers received their meals in record time.

How did it arise?

Kroc wanted to enter, surprised by the efficiency of the restaurant. He became McDonald’s first franchise agent. According to a previous Business Insider report, an article in the Wall Street Journal claimed that McDonald’s had tolerated the party and inappropriate behavior among officials and employees at the company’s headquarters, led by Easterbrook and the company’s former CEO. Human Resources Manager David Fairhurst.

Easterbrook had to resign as CEO after learning he was involved in an employee relationship.

McDVOICE declined to comment on the entrepreneurs’ story in the Wall Street Journal. Kroc’s first McDonald’s store opened in Des Plaines, Illinois, on April 15, 1955. McDonald’s said sales at the first location of the new location were $ 366.12. It is now a company museum.

In 1955, Kroc founded McDonald’s System, Inc., which inevitably became McDonald’s Corporation as we know it today. In 1958 McDonald’s sold 100 million hamburgers.

In 1961, Kroc bought the McDonald brothers for $ 2.7 million. He now had exclusive rights to the brands and activities of all McDonald’s stores.