Efforts of the McDonald’s to promote social distancing

Even company logos can practice social distance.

McDonald’s in Brazil used the company’s famous golden arches to promote the concept of social alienation. This happens when the company closes soup kitchens across the country due to the coronavirus epidemic.

On McDonald’s Brazil Twitter page, the company’s famous gold ties were split into a profile photo and corporate headline. The main image also contains a message that is translated more or less “separated by a moment to always be together”.

The company also uploaded a video to its Instagram page showing the new logo.

In the video, the company describes the measures taken during the pandemic, including the closure of its dining rooms. Instead, customers receive public transportation services, takeaways, and delivery. In a statement to Fox News, a McDonald’s spokesperson said: “As a brand that operates in almost 120 countries, we share a shared responsibility to help our communities when they need it. We will change the way we do this to participate.” Social retreat and raise our already strict hygiene standards to protect restaurant staff and the public. We apologize for any misunderstanding about the intention to remind our customers and communities of the importance of social strangeness in uncertain times. According to Adage, users were impressed with the company’s obvious treatment of its employees.

Social distancing is one of the most important things if we wish to break the chain of the Corona Virus. We must appreciate the efforts of McDonald’s as they are doing their best to promote social distancing and helping the government to bring the Corona Virus in the control. We hope that this Corona Virus is bought into control soon, so that we can resume our lives again.