Free Wifi At The McDonald’s

On Friday, McDonald’s officially added free WiFi to the menu at most locations in the United States. The USA Now you can have your Big Mac, chips and free WiFi at 11,500 McDonald’s across the country. The news of the free Wi-Fi deal was originally announced in mid-December, but the service is now online. You … Read more

What is the purpose of the McDonald’s gray burgers?

McDonald’s China presented a hamburger with a roll of gray stones. The sandwich, known as the modern Chinese hamburger, will be available at most Chinese supermarket chains until November 3. The burger consists of a pork tart, several pieces of fat bacon, a plate of yellow vinaigrette, and a small heap of lettuce, which is … Read more

The McDonald’s Own Currency

The Big Mac will soon be 50 years old and McDonald’s will celebrate the way everything is celebrated in 2018: the opening of a separate room, though it has a twist. Although crypto is a big problem today, McDonald’s plays a curved ball in the self-published coin game and uses a real physical currency called … Read more

The use of AI technology by the McDonald’s

If you thought we improved the order of fast food, think again. McDonald’s will drag us into the future, whether we like it or not. The Hamburg Empire with Golden Bow announced on Tuesday its intention to take over Apprente, a startup specializing in language-based artificial intelligence technology. The McDonald’s press release states that faster, … Read more

The Digital Incubator By The McDonald’s

The fast-food restaurant with more than 300 billion dishes has just opened a store in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. The difference is that they make digital products, not hamburgers. The company’s technology center at 658 Market Street has already hired engineers from PayPal, Facebook, AOL, and Yahoo to hire at least 20 more. … Read more

The collaboration of the McDonald’s with General Assembly

McDonald’s has disconnected from General Assembly Today in the south-southwest. You will start a pilot program, with a small subset of McDonald’s jobs that will provide you with a monthly supply for the duration of the courses. Interested employees tend to use an eligibility number to determine eligibility for the program because once they are … Read more

The importance of the lazywear offered by the McDonald’s

McDonald’s offers deliveries in North America through UberEATS. If you want to fully embrace what it means to ask McDelivery for your home instead of mustering the energy to leave your hideaway in the shade for 15 minutes, it offers a special collection of designer clothing that says “I won that great” Mac on Demand … Read more

The mobile orders are being tested by the McDonald’s

On Wednesday, McDonald’s began testing mobile orders and payments in select US markets. USA McDonald’s was the first company to test the technology to solve problems before its full deployment in the United States. and in other international markets at the end of the year. Mobile orders are initially available at 29 restaurants in Monterey … Read more

The introduction of the P.L.T Sandwiches by McDonald’s

McDonald’s Proja in the North American Vegetable Protein Flour Market is launched today in Canada. The “P.L.T.” of the company. The Beyond Meat Patties sandwich (plant, lettuce, and tomato) is now available in various locations in Canada. This is not the first vegetarian sandwich released this year on a “Golden Arches” site. In April, the … Read more