The brutal fight at the McDonald’s

The McDonald’s employee, who was filmed when he attacked an unstable customer, threw him so violently that his chest fell off his shirt and said that the little boxer had “talked a lot” before leaving. brutal blow Erika Chavolla of Las Vegas said in a Facebook interview on Thursday that she was still employed at … Read more

McDonald’s signs ad is not loved by many people

If you saw a big TV event last night, you’ve probably seen the new McDVOICE commercial. The Hamburg network has struggled to catch up with the millennial generation lately, but its recent efforts are trying to silence viewers of all ages. “Signs” shows a McDVOICE tent with news from across the country celebrating American heroes … Read more

McDonald’s burger that never get old

It turns out that the 20-year-old McDonald’s burger, which hasn’t started to rot yet, is probably exceptional. Last week, David Whipple of Utah announced that an old burger he had bought from the fast-food chain had not broken despite his purchase in 1999. However, according to a food science professor at Rutgers, This is possible, … Read more

The recipe of the McDonald’s Egg McMuffins

With some restaurants closed during the world crown pandemic, McDVOICE shared their recipe for making the perfect McMuffin egg at home, and people love it. In late March, Mickey D’s temporarily closed all 1,270 restaurants in the UK due to problems with COVID-19 during the global epidemic. While fans crave fast food, the Golden Arches … Read more

DIY McDonald’s Meal

A mother in England, whose children miss out on her favorite McDonald’s food in the middle of the Bulls’ race, repeated her order for fast food with realistic packaging. 33-year-old designer Kirsty Collins promised her children a short trip to the restaurant last month, but her plans were abandoned when the Corona Virus prison closed. … Read more

A man wanted for pushing the McDonald’s employee

It is no wonder that a man carrying a shark on Saturday night appears to have caused trouble. According to an article on the local police Facebook page, the staff at a McDVOICE fast-food restaurant immediately noticed the man’s strange behavior. In addition to his clothes, he apparently toured the restaurant and asked if he … Read more

Is McDonald’s everywhere in the United States?

When you travel to a major city in the United States (or in most other countries) it seems like a McDonald’s is just around the corner. At the very least, there will be a series of golden arches that will appeal to fast food enthusiasts. And if not in every major city in the world, … Read more

Why was the McDonald’s customer arrested?

There are better ways to handle mistakes when ordering food. An angry Utah customer allegedly attacked several McDVOICE employees last month after claiming that he ruined his order for fast food. Authorities later arrested the man, who was charged with theft and two physical injuries. The incident occurred at McDonald’s at a Walmart in Layton, … Read more

The hilarious conversation of the McDonald’s employees

A McDVOICE customer had a free side to the drama while driving when a restaurant employee apparently accidentally left the buyer’s microphone at the fast-food chain. On July 22, the funny Twitter account @SomeonesAnIdiot shared a two-minute music video to the sound of the epic speaker, which has been viewed on the platform more than … Read more

McDonald’s employee in the prison

An Ohio man was sentenced to three years in prison for throwing hot coffee at a McDVOICE employee. The incident occurred after the worker incidentally offered the man an extra cup of coffee with his order. The victim suffered first-degree burns after insisting on seeing the customer’s receipt and then dumped the coffee. Joseph Deluca, … Read more