McDonald’s worker that turns up to be hero

This man may have become the most popular person on the Internet. A former McDVOICE employee posted on social media that he had given the wrong amount of McNuggets to his customers. Fortunately, this man was a generous rule-breaker and the lives of his clients improved thanks to his actions. The Impact Of The Social … Read more

Spicy sandwiches of McDonald’s

McDonald’s heats up in the chicken sandwich wars. The surprise hit of the summer of 2019 is the new Popeye Chicken Sandwich, which is so popular with fans that it’s out of stock. Other fast-food chains responded by reminding customers of their existing sandwiches or introducing new chicken offerings. McDonald’s can now be added to … Read more

McDonald’s rapid rise on the social media

In 1988, interest reopened the country’s first transit in the Paris suburbs. The New York Times reported that French officials realized that the key was to find families and young adults who had spent time in the United States or the United Kingdom. Rancher’s rise Protests resumed as the chain on the French bread basket … Read more

McDonald’s in France

Fifteen years after farmers registered one of their restaurants to protest their “bad meat,” McDonald’s conquered France. Le Figaro calls him “the model student”: France is the most profitable country in the Chicago suburban chain outside of the United States. Revenue increased 4.8% in the first seven months of the year, and CEO Jean-Pierre Petit, … Read more

The fight between staff at the McDonald’s

This seems like a good reason to stop. A teenager at McDVOICE in Greenfield, Wisconsin allegedly quit her job after a client hit her in the face. According to her, the attacker was angry because he had waited too long to eat. Serena, a 17-year-old employee, exchanged violent words with the client before the attack, … Read more

Which city has most McDonald’s in the world?

In this state, more than half of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts in the United States are grown, as are most McDonald’s restaurants in the United States. We give you another clue: it is on the west coast. According to data from the fast-food chain’s website, Wall Street calculated 24 hours a day that California … Read more

The debut of pickle at McDonald’s

Oh, the sweet, sweet smell of fast food burgers. Now you can finally smell the lingering smell of onion and fast food meat in your home whenever you want without having to carry anything with you. That’s right: McDVOICE launched a 250-gram collection of cheese-scented candles, supposedly because “there is no better smell than 100% … Read more

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Now On ebay

McDonald’s is trying to give you a pot of gold, or more specifically, a glass of gold in honor of its legendary clover. The legendary Mickey D drink celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. To celebrate its golden anniversary, the fast-food chain is auctioning off an impressive collector’s mug for a good cause. On Tuesday, … Read more

The oldest burger of McDonald’s still looks brand new

Irrespective of its youthful appearance, this burger is old enough to be selected. A McDVOICE burger purchased in 1999 appears to have been cooked yesterday. Meat from decades ago smells only slightly like cardboard, according to its owners. David Whipple originally purchased the burger at McDVOICE in Logan, Utah, in July 1999, reports kuTV. I … Read more

McDonald’s giant Mac

The Big Mac is more than a hamburger, it is an icon. When people hear the McDonald’s name, it’s fair to say that many immediately think of the Big Mac. Although it is perhaps the restaurant’s most famous product, many don’t know its history. In 2018, McDonald’s celebrated Big Mac’s 50th anniversary. During the event, … Read more