The fake stickers of the McDonald’s

A police officer arrested a driver with hundreds of fake McDonald’s coffee labels in his car. The Bradford driver was found with several stickers, similar to McDonald’s customers who bought hot drinks. Police said they tried to defraud the loyalty program, where six stickers can be exchanged for free coffee. McDonald’s said anyone who uses … Read more

Reintroduction of the McDonald’s fitness bands

McDonald’s remembers the millions of fitness bracelets Happy Meals contains after customers complained of skin irritations and burns. The fast-food chain has sold more than 32 million cans of “Step-It” plastic tapes in North America. The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urged customers to “immediately remove the bracelets that were removed from children.” McDonald’s apologized. … Read more

McDonald’s In Russia

Better consumer protection in Russia has temporarily closed four McDonald’s restaurants in Moscow as part of an eating habits survey. The watchdog Rospotrebnadzor said the restaurants violated “many” health laws. McDonald’s said it had investigated the complaints, adding that “providing safe, high-quality products is a priority.” The agency also announced checks at McDonald’s in the … Read more

The Nottinghamshire Police At The McDonald’s Rescue

A customer turned over his McDonald’s to police after authorities confiscated the car from the post office. On Tuesday, the Nottinghamshire police stopped the vehicle in Gedling, Nottinghamshire, and found that the courier service did not have “good” insurance. However, the police “certainly left a Maccies at the door” of the person waiting for their … Read more

McDonald’s County Free Restaurant

Plans for a McDonald’s restaurant in the only county in England without the golden arches are pending approval. Authorities recommended proposals for the restaurant outside Oakham, Rutland, which were approved by city councils. A planning committee meets on January 14 to decide on the application. According to McDonald’s, the restaurant will create 35 full-time and … Read more

Why is McDonald’s reducing the use of antibiotics?

The global McDonald’s restaurant chain will begin to reduce the use of antibiotics in its chicken products. The focus will be on eliminating antibiotics that can harm human health but maintain those necessary for the good of the birds. Chicken served in American restaurants. He will eliminate these antibiotics in two years, he said. In … Read more

The TradeMark Scenario Of McDonald’s

McDonald’s has lost its exclusive right to use the Mc brand for some of its food in the EU after a dispute with an Irish fast-food chain. Supermac’s, with more than 100 fast-food restaurants in Ireland, has complained to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). EUIPO found that McDonald’s has not demonstrated the actual … Read more

Importance of machine learning for McDonald’s

McDonald’s buys an artificial intelligence startup to offer data-driven meals. The technology developed by the Israeli company Dynamic Yield allows menus to be automatically adapted to the weather, weather, and traffic. McDonald’s would pay $ 300 million for the technology company. Recognition of the badge would also allow customers to offer their regular grocery orders, … Read more

The Delicious Menu Of The McDonald’s

Dick and Mac did not expect their interns to use the same menu or name. When his maiden franchisee stated that he would also name his new restaurant “McDonald’s,” Dick replied, “Why the hell? A man with different abilities and desires walked this well-functioning kitchen and franchise business. Ray Kroc was 50 years old and … Read more

Change in business strategy by McDonald’s

When Ray Kroc told the story, they blinked when he encouraged the McDonald brothers to establish a lot more burger restaurants. It was in 1954. The place: San Bernardino, California, then a quiet city on the edge of the desert, which was located about 50 miles east of Los Angeles. Kroc sold smoothie machines, and … Read more