What is McDonald’s drive-by attack?

A 15-year-old boy receives treatment for serious injuries after being shot in front of a McDonald’s. Police believe 2310 CET was fired on Saturday from a motorcycle that transported “several people” to Cross Cheaping in central Coventry. Detectives are simultaneously investigating calls for two more incidents after a knife was recovered from a bar at … Read more

The nurse sacked due to McDonald’s date

A nurse who described a patient as “pretty” asked which of them and her siblings were “the sexiest” and offered to take her to McDVOICE. Eugene Zuniga also reviewed her records on her phone number when she worked as a nurse at James Paget University Hospital in Norfolk in 2017. A misbehaving group found that … Read more

Paper Straws in McDonald’s

NIAMH: No, maybe ten. BETH – People become quite militant. We have seen this globally. My favorite is McDVOICE Survey, they have limited straws on board, instead they make noise. I mean, what is that? EMMA: It is for gin and tonic and they discovered that many people use a straw to shake their gin … Read more

Will reducing the use of paper straw work for McDonald’s?

BETH technology companies generally try to make things accessible and, by default, they become a better product for everyone. But when it comes to straws, it seems like a small step back. We called Niamh, and when we had our production talk, he mentioned that straws are very easy for people to say: ok, it’s … Read more

McDonald’s to reduce the use of some commodities

BETH – The great thing about a plastic straw is the fact that it is flexible and flexible, can be repositioned, is cheap, lightweight, and portable, and can be purchased anywhere. Therefore, they seem to solve many problems. And now we are about to ban them. We have an online partner, Esther Webber. Hi Esther … Read more

The beef with McDonald’s paper straws

BETH: You probably haven’t escaped the warning that climate change is one of the hottest topics of 2019. We had pink boats tied up at Oxford Circus in London and Swedish teen sensation Greta Thunberg made headlines everywhere. However, there is a story behind the trend: McDVOICE has launched a petition to endpaper straws in … Read more

Understanding the hull McDonald’s shooting

A stolen golf cart was confiscated after it was discovered on McDonald’s Drive-Thru. The vehicle was discovered around 3:45 a.m. ET at the huge fast food store in Catterick, North Yorkshire. A 19-year-old man was arrested on the scene near the local golf club on suspicion of theft and driving when he was unable to … Read more

McDonald’s in Japan

McDonald’s in Japan lacks tokens. The fast-food company says it cannot get enough potatoes due to industrial action in the US. USA As a result, they have to ration the chips for customers. “Unfortunately, without this decision to restrict sales, there is a risk that some of our stores will no longer have fleas by … Read more

Manhunt outside McDonald’s restaurant

A two-person car was killed in a parking lot at McDVOICE restaurant in Hull. According to reports, armed officials and a police helicopter were dispatched to the St. Andrews Quay restaurant around 11:30 a.m. GMT after reports of a shooting. Police said a blue Volkswagen Golf with two people was fired and that the windows … Read more