All McDonald’s stores in Peru close

All McDonald’s stores in Peru were not operational for at least two days to mourn the loss of two workers who had been electrocuted at the restaurant in the capital of Peru.

Alexandra Porras Inga (19) and Gabriel Campos Zapata (18) worked the night shift at a McDonald’s in Lima’s middle-class Pueblo Libre district.

When the kitchen was cleaned Sunday, the two teens were electrocuted by a loose wire, the New York Times reported. Police said Porras was electrocuted by a vending machine and Campos tried to help him. He was also electrocuted.

The rescue services found the two teenagers killed in the fast-food restaurant.

What was the scenario?

Porras’s mother told the Times that after hearing the news of the incident, she went to the restaurant and saw the wet floor, the loose children and the body of her daughter. Her daughter did not appear to be wearing boots, gloves or other safety equipment, she said. In a statement released Monday, Peruvian McDonald’s Arcos Dorados announced that all businesses would remain closed for a period of two days.

“We share the pain and extreme pain of the affected families,” the company said, adding that it fully cooperated with authorities in the investigation.

The dead shook Peru and protesters called for better working conditions in a country that has grown dramatically in the past decade. Critics say the jobs left workers, especially young people, open to exploitation and poor conditions, the Times reported.

The Peruvian Ministry of Labor found Arcos Dorados, the Latin American franchisee at McDonald’s, guilty of violating health and safety laws after two young electrocuted workers shook the country and called for reforms. Work

Labor Watchdog recommended a $ 254,000 fine for six “very serious” violations following the deaths of Alexandra Porras (18) and Carlos Campos (19), Reuters reported Thursday.

Porras and Campos were electrocuted with loose wires earlier this month when they cleaned the kitchen for a night shift at one of Lima’s fast-food restaurants. Porras was electrocuted by a machine and Campos was surprised to discover that she was helping him.