A look on the first ever menu of the McDonald’s

Long before the world heard “I’m Lovin ‘It” for the first time and Golden Arches became one of the world’s most famous logos, McDonald’s was simply a humble restaurant that tried out a new concept called “fast food.” When the McDonald brothers opened a store in 1940, they produced a simple menu with just nine items. This menu laid the foundation for the McDonald’s that we know and love today.

Check the menu here. McDonald’s “Amazing Menu” was full of attractive adjectives as its delicious roast beef. McDonald’s first cheeseburger wasn’t just a cheeseburger; It was a tempting cheeseburger. And the root beer was “delicious”. But the best thing about this menu should be the prices. The most expensive item was the “Triple Thick Smoothie,” which cost 20 cents.

The Varieties

You can get a chocolate, vanilla, or strawberry smoothie (hence the “triple” part of the name). If you want milk without stirring, you can order “refreshing cold milk” for just 12 cents. Five different menu items were geared towards the cheapest, a total of 10 cents cheaper than the most expensive.

The 10-cent items were: fries, coffee, root beer, a “full-bodied orange juice drink” and a good thirst for “Coca-Cola.” BTW, there’s a reason Cola tastes better at McDonald’s. And at the top of the menu was the classic pure meat burger.

Since the 1940s and the menu “surprising”, but briefly, the list of items and prices available has increased. Today you can buy anything from McDonald’s, from Egg McMuffins to Filets-O-Fish or a vegan burger. And let’s not forget McDonald’s in Orlando, Florida, where you can order custom pasta, pizza, and waffles! (Check out this amazing McDonald’s here.) But as this old menu shows, there are plenty of franchise favorites from the start. Some of the original offerings that are still basic today: burgers, cheeseburgers, smoothies, coffee, and of course these delicious fries.